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As a company, our goal is to simplify cloud offerings for you and your customers; taking an approach like no other in the industry. By providing multiple applications under one service offering, Sequre can broaden your portfolio and unlock the full potential of the cloud for you and your customers.


About Us

Sequre, a Tech Electronics Company, is a premier provider of cloud-based offerings.  Founded on the same principles as our parent company, Sequre provides our customers with cloud solutions that help their customers work smarter, feel safer, and collaborate more effectively.  Our wide range of cloud-based offerings helps our partners deliver cloud applications to any industry, in any market across the country. As a company, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our partners by helping them grow their cloud portfolio through the continued development of our application and service offerings.

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Partner Programs
Why Partner with Sequre?

  1. Peace of Mind: We offer full support from implementation and installation, to ongoing service and maintenance.
  2. Increase Revenue: As technology continues to shift from an on-premise environment to a cloud-based environment, having cloud offerings readily available to your customers will help your bottom line.
  3. Proactive Monitoring: Unlike any other company in the industry, we offer proactive monitoring of any of our cloud offerings you sell.
  4. Ongoing Incentives: Once the customer has been on the system for 36 months, the agent partner will receive an additional commission for the duration of the contract.

Three Levels of Partnership

Customer Referral
Customer MRR = $1-$250; one time fee of $10
Customers MRR>$250; one time fee of $200

Sales Agent
Sells with no support responsibilities
20% commission of MRR per month for as long as the customer is a customer of Sequre.

Managed Service Partner Program
Sales agent responsibilities
Tier 1 and 2 support and site install
25% Commission of MRR per month for as long as the customer is a customer of Sequre.

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Why Partner with Sequre?

By partnering with Sequre, you unlock the full potential of the cloud for you and your customers. The benefits for our partners are unparalleled, from access to an entire product portfolio to national support and service. Other benefits of partnering with Sequre include:

  • No Quota
  • No Partnership Fees
  • Upfront Monthly Commissions
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Finance or BYOD hardware options
  • Digital Training Materials
  • Marketing Materials
  • Referral Program

Contact us to schedule a demo to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Sequre!

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Webinars & Events

Given our current situation, we have no upcoming events. However, if you are interested in learning more about Sequre, our solution offerings and our partnership programs, we are hosting webinars.

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Provide one of the most widely used UCC platforms on the planet to your customers.

Fully Featured system with Presence, chat, PBX, Conferencing, Collaboration and more!

Competitive rate plans, completely “as a Service” offering. No upfront costs to the users, yes even the phones!

SIP Trunking

Provide your customers a cost effective, scalable, reliable alternative to costly traditional phone line service with our flat rate SIP Trunking offering, for your customers.

Do your customers still have Analog systems that you want to connect via SIP or an IP PBX? We can connect it all.

IP Fax and E-Fax

We all have customers who still use faxing as a way of communicating and it’s costly. By switching to IP Fax, our cloud converts an incoming fax into a data file, sends it to your interface device which converts it back to fax tones.

Sequre also offers E-Fax for those that need the ability to fax from anywhere!

Conference Room as a Service

Conference Room as a Service (CRaaS) deploys the latest technology that enables your customer’s workforce to collaborate with colleagues and clients across the globe. CRaaS is offered as a monthly service that allows clients to collaborate, share information, and host video calls without the capital investment. Whether your customer needs to deploy collaboration standards across a campus or simply build a meeting room where on-site and remote participants can easily communicate and share data, Conference Room as a Service from Sequre is the solution for you to offer.

Cloud Firewall

Firewall as a service provides your customer’s network with the highest level of protection against the wide range of emerging threats their business faces today.  With an all-in-one, comprehensive network protection solution, viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, key loggers, etc. are stopped before they even enter the network.

Cloud Offerings Coming Soon!

Sequre will be offering additional cloud solutions in the future, including:

  • Cloud Access Control
  • Cloud Video Surveillance
  • Cloud Wi-Fi aaS
  • Cloud Backup/Storage
  • Mobility aaS
  • Cloud Conference Room aaS